Kevin Simme



Founder and President of College Funding Alternatives, Inc

Author of The Key To Paying For College



The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty

Proverbs 21:5

Kevin Simme is the president and founder of College Funding Alternatives, which he started in 1997 as a safe haven for those seeking assistance through the process of college admissions and financial aid. Kevin helps    students gain admission to affordable college programs that let them realize their dreams and aspirations. Furthermore, he helps families approach the college admissions and financial aid process with other priorities    in mind, such as saving for retirement or paying for the care of elderly parents. With his guidance, family members work together to make decisions that let them achieve all of their goals. Families are able to take control of what might have seemed like an overwhelming process.

Kevin attended Houghton College where he received his BA degree in 1985. After college, he joined MarketSource Corporation, a college marketing and event planning company that worked with major corporations to reach college students on campuses across the USA and Canada. His work gave him a unique    perspective on the importance of college environment to a successful college experience. His wide knowledge    of programs and environments at campuses across the United States makes it easy for him to help students match their aspirations with college choices. This gives him an edge at guiding families through the process.

With a balanced approach to working with families, this husband and father of three is prepared to help you    discover The Key To Paying For College so you can Unlock Secrets That Could Save You Thousands!



David Anderson



 Co-author of The Key To Paying For College



David Anderson is an educator and writer. He earned a BA in English from Cornell University and a     
MA in Linguistics from the University of Pittsburgh without incurring any debt. As an educator, he has
taught students to express themselves in English in a variety of contexts from junior high and high schools
to college-level and adult education programs. As an author, he has written two other works that were
published by Longman.

David lives with his wife and four children in New Jersey. His oldest son is working and his
daughter is completing a BS degree and preparing to attend medical school. He has two younger sons who look forward to attending college as well.